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Back-End Engineer L1 (Golang)

RemoteUnited States, Vermont, EssexEngineering

Job description

Want to become a pro Golang developer? Do you want to learn how secure microservices are developed and deployed at scale? Are you eager to make a big impact with your skills and experience? Are you excited to become a part of an ambitious cybersecurity SaaS startup’s growth journey?

Preava is looking for high-performing software engineers like you who are eager to join our high-velocity agile 100% remote team!

What you will be doing

As someone passionate about secure, clean and DRY code, you will set your career onto a successful trajectory by learning to craft microservices with our senior engineers!

  • As a member of the features team, you will deliver small features across our business logic
  • As a junior member of the features team, you will help senior developers with automated testing
  • As a software engineer, you will push merge requests and have your code reviewed by senior engineers
  • As a software engineer, you will debug your codebase and participate in root-cause analysis efforts along side senior engineers

Key Responsibilities

At Preava there is no room for weak designs; you will work with a highly-technical team of experienced engineers. As a part of our feature team, you will work with all the latest technologies like gRPC, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes and MongoDB. As a part of our engineering organization, you will rely on CI/CD, GitOps and functional testing automation to automate your workflow. We expect you to become an active member of a low-power-distance, highly-relational engineering culture.

What you will learn

We expect you to embrace a continuous learning journey to push the technological boundaries.

Compensation and benefits

  • Monthly compensation negotiable based on experience
  • 23 paid days off for all full-timers
  • Annual performance-based bonuses
  • Annual compensation increases as you grow with us
  • Occasional team meet-ups in different parts of the world!

About Preava

Preava is an ambitious globally-distributed team running a B2B SaaS cybersecurity software business with impressive growth potential. We have secured $1.2 million in initial funding, and are advised by one of the largest, most tech-savvy data privacy-compliance consultancies in the U.S.

Job requirements

  • CS/technical university degree
  • 1 years of coding experience
  • Comfortable with Linux and/or macOS environments
  • Ability to understand new technologies
  • Ability to work 100% remotely


Preava, Inc.