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Front-End Engineer L3 (React) [Prague]

RemotePrague, Praha, Hlavní město, Czechia$6,500 - $8,500 per monthEngineering

Job description

Are you a Senior React engineer looking to own the front-end development of an email security and data loss prevention (DLP) product? Do you enjoy meeting up in-person to plan work and solve complex problems, and then doing most of your work remotely using GitLab, Slack, and Miro?

Preava is looking for top performing team players who are eager to join our high-velocity agile startup!

What You Will Be Doing: First Day and Beyond

Your first mission will be to rebuild our web-based Admin Dashboard from scratch. Making it more reliable, secure, and supportable along the way. You will add powerful analytics capabilities, robust error handling, and reusable middleware (JWT, Oauth2, Shared Workers, gRPC communication).

Upon deploying a highly-stable version of the new Admin Dashboard into production, you’ll rebuild our Outlook Add-in to make it more reliable, secure, and optimize it for blazing speed. You’ll add state management and powerful error handling to improve the user experience.\

After the Admin Dashboard and Outlook Add-in are complete, we anticipate having you add new capabilities to Admin Dashboard, and to a lesser extent, the Outlook Add-in. Your focus may shift to onboarding additional front-end engineers to share the workload before continuing to introduce product enhancements.

Generally speaking, as someone passionate about security, quality, testing, and neat business logic, you will design, build, and deploy into production reliable and supportable code.

  • As a maintainer, you will handle pull requests to guarantee code quality and solid implementation.

  • As a code reviewer, you will participate in peer code review and provide constructive feedback to other team members to ensure our delivery reflects your quality standard.

  • As a senior engineer, you will be in charge of coordinating complex root cause analysis while planning for permanent fixes.

  • As a senior engineer you will participate in automating our development, testing, compliance, and release processes.

You will be a member of the founding engineering team and will have a significant influence on the technologies and front-end architecture we use.

Your Experience

Your skillset should encompass a diverse blend of cloud software development, security, privacy, reliability, and debugging. While you may handle urgent situations like incident response and resolution, your primary objective will revolve around ensuring system reliability and robustness. The aim is to create less-vulnerable applications, reduce potential issues to a minimum, and implement automated self-recovery mechanisms.

Below, you'll find concrete examples of recent work we've undertaken. These examples will offer you a clearer understanding of the tasks and responsibilities involved in this role:

  • Implemented different ML models which are configurable in 1-click configurable from the Admin Dashboard.

  • Implemented advanced analytics which require expansion through a TypeScript SSR backend.

  • Implemented a multi-region deployment mechanism to isolate geographic regions subject to different regulatory environments.

Software Development Philosophy

At Preava there is no room for weak designs; you will work with highly-technical experienced engineers. As a part of our feature team, you will work with all the latest technologies like React, TypeScript, gRPC, Docker, Kubernetes and no-SQL/SQL databases. As a part of our engineering organization, you will rely on CI/CD, GitOps, and functional testing automation to automate your workflow. We expect you to become an active member of a low-power-distance, highly-relational engineering culture.

Compensation and Benefits

  • $6,500 to $8,500 USD per month, negotiable based on experience
  • Equity in the form of stock options
  • 23 paid days off for all full-timers
  • Annual performance-based bonuses
  • Annual compensation increases as you grow with us
  • Occasional team meet-ups in different parts of the world!

About Preava

Founded in 2020, Preava is a B2B SaaS email security and data privacy tech startup. Our flagship product, Preava Prevent, helps stop emails containing sensitive data from being emailed to the wrong people. We have secured $1.6 million in initial funding, and are advised by one of the largest, most tech-savvy data privacy-compliance consultancies and law firms in the U.S.

Job requirements

  • Embrace your techy side with a degree in Computer Science or related field
  • Harness 5+ years of coding wizardry in TypeScript & JavaScript
  • Command the ship with 1+ year steering a production service/product
  • Navigate Linux/macOS seas, skilled in shell scripting
  • Master the art of CI/CD and Docker sorcery
  • Craft ingenious solutions with rock-solid problem-solving & design finesse
  • Wave goodbye to office chains — meet in-person meetups in Prague to solve complex challenges, then work remotely